Who we are

Our Mission

 "Enriching the lives of families, one community at a time."

Our Purpose
We have people ask all the time what it is that Joyful Journeys does. It's hard to answer in just one short sentence because we do so much. Just to highlight a few so that you know where your support dollars go, this is us in a nut shell. 
We help improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by providing critical human services like feeding and clothing the homeless, tutoring struggling children, free exercise and nutrition classes, building community gardens, cleaning the streets, helping struggling families over the holidays, providing resume building assistance and household budgeting classes and always offering love and support to everyone we can! 

I love my life and am so grateful to be living out my purpose. Thank you all that have supported us as we couldn't have done it without you. Donations are always needed and VERY MUCH appreciated to continue the work we do our very best to complete. Please consider getting involved. I love you guys and thank you always for supporting me in my dreams. Thank you especially to Kristi Aragon for being my right hand man. I love you girl and couldn't have done any of this without you!!!  ~Tasha VanMarter

Board Of Directors

Hi! My name is Tasha VanMarter and I am a huge fan of the outdoors. I love to run, hike, snowboard, back country, exercise and I absolutely LOVE my dog. I have a Masters in Sociology and have dedicated my life to helping others improve theirs.  I believe that it's not what you have in life that's important, but what you give to those around you...even if all you can give is a smile.

My name is Tia and I'm an active mother of 4 wonderful children who live and breath soccer. I love to volunteer at my children's school and do all that I can to be a positive role model in their lives. For fun, I play indoor soccer and go on exciting adventures with my family to grow as a woman, mother, and person.

Sue Holley

Hello!  My name is Sue :) As the mother of 4 children and 7 grandchildren I am always involved in something. I love helping my family and am excited to be a member of the Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment team. On my down time, my husband and I enjoy participating in poker runs, motorcycle rides and watching my kids and grand kids sporting events. We have a very active family and believe that as a group nothing can bring us down.

Kristi Nissen
Board member

Hi, my name is Kristi Nissen. I've been doing philanthropic work for about 10 years now helping with the Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude's, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha!  I am so glad to be a part of Joyful Journeys :)  It's a wonderful program and I'm excited to be on the ground floor and watch it grow as we gain community support from people like you!


Email:   joyfuljourneysce@gmail.com
Phone:  303-667-9695

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